French Capital of Biodiversity

Participating municipalities in 2010; Click for a larger view

In the competition in 2010,  80 municipalities were candidates to become the Capital of Biodiversity in France.

A technical and scientific commitee was settled to work on the criteria and the questionnaires. The commitee also evaluated all the candidates. Municipalities were evaluated according to the projects and measures implemented in their territory to protect biodiversity. Special attention was paid to green areas, planning instruments for biodiversity protection, forests and continental water bodies, municipal organization and actions related to participation and raise awareness, and monitoring indicators.

Several partners joined the competition : Natureparif was very proud to have institutionnal partners such as the ministry of ecology and the association of the mayors of France. There were some Ngo, such as Birdlife, wwf, the foundation Nature et découvertes, the national beekeepers association, the enterprize GrDF, the Media Terre Sauvage and Environnement Magazine who supported the competition.They took part to the final jury to evaluate the competitors and decide on the winner «French Capital of Biodiversity». Eric Orsenna, the famous writer was the patron of the competition.

The Award ceremony in Paris in October 2010

The 14th of October the award ceremony took place at the National Assembly of France. Members of the jury and other personalities from the French Ministry of Environment, mayors and environmental councils from finalists’ municipalities attended the ceremony.

The municipality of Grande Synthe obtained the maximum prize. Also Pessac, Besançon and Jarrie  were awarded with first prices from their respective categories taking into account number of inhabitants. Grande Synthe participated in the City Biodiversity Summit 2010 that has been hold during the 10th Meeting of the Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity in Nagoya, Japan, in October 2010.