Outcomes and Results of the Project

  • National competition concepts were developed in 2009
  • Two subsequent national competitions were organised in France, Hungary, Slovakia and Spain in 2010 and 2011, one competition in Germany in 2011
  • Comprehensive questionnaires were elaborated with yes/no-questions and questions for projects in each country for each competition
  • An adaption of the City Biodiversity Index (CBI) was included in all questionnaires to provide a biodiversity monitoring to European municipalities and to provide the index developers with feedback
  • Compehensive information brochures were published and disseminated for each competition
  • National Advisory Boards were gathered for expert advice on the contents of the questionnaires and the selection of the winners
  • Altogether over 500 municipalities participated in the competitions, representing 40 million Europeans
  • Nearly 1,500 local practitioners and decision-makers from 687municipalities participated in 36 workshops organised in the five competition countries in order to provide professional training in local biodiversity protection
  • 9 European Capitals of Biodiversity were awarded in the five countries, along with more than 50 municipalities that won in their respective size classes or received special prizes
  • Award ceremonies were organised in each country at the end of each competition to celebrate and honour the winners
  • The 2010 Capitals of Biodiversity were honoured in Nagoya, Japan, at the CBS COP10 in October 2010
  • The 2011 Capitals of Biodiversity were awarded by EU Commissioner for the Environment Janez Potočnik at a European Award Ceremony in Brussels in November 2011
  • Altogether 23,000 copies of national brochures in the various project languages as well as of the international final project brochure (also in English), disseminating over 300 best-practice examples collected from the participating municipalities


European Capitals of Biodiversity 2010 and 2011
Country 2010 2011
France Grande-Synthe (21,000 inh.) Montpellier (253.000 inh.)
Hungary Tata (24,000 inh.) Szentes (30.000 inh.)
Slovakia Želiezovce (7,500 inh.) Kremnica (5.300 inh.)
Spain Royal Site of San Ildefonso (5.700 inh.) Puebla de Sanabria (1.500 inh.)
Germany No award in 2010 Hannover (519,000 inh.)