Capacity building programme for municipalities

Workshop in Hannover 2010; Foto: DUH

Local authorities may be critical actors in conserving biodiversity, but in times when biodiversity is repeatedly sidelined at all levels of governance, local authorities often lack sufficient implementation capacity and access to information to optimally manage their biodiversity.

This is why each Capitals of Biodiversity competition included a set of workshops targeted specifically at local administrators and practitioners from the width and breadth of each participating country. The workshops were full-day events in varying parts of the competition countries and were held in the respective national languages. To ensure that the workshops were fully relevant to municipalities, local experts were invited to speak, lead sessions and share their local knowledge.

IUCN and ICLEI have developed a number of biodiversity-related training modules. The modules are designed to foster political commitment and understanding of biodiversity conservation and enhancement, and to clarify the legal and policy framework for action. In practical terms, this should help you, as a local authority, to better integrate biodiversity into your planning and decision-making.

The training modules comprise the following themes and are available for download in the Download section of this website:

  • Legal framework for biodiversity protection
  • Biodiversity: introduction, trends and key issues (including international issues)
  • Biodiversity in municipality planning and services
  • Communication and biodiversity
  • Climate change and biodiversity
  • Fundraising for biodiversity

These modules illuminate the funding mechanisms for local biodiversity and help practitioners to maximise the benefits of biodiversity to promote human well-being, safeguard ecosystem services, and mitigate and adapt to climate change.