April 7, 2011: Hannover is the German Capital of Biodiversity 2011

The city of Hannover, capital of the federal state of Lower Saxony, was the clear winner of the competition "German Capital of Biodiversity 2010/2011", which was held under the patronage of the German environment minister Norbert Röttgen. At the official award ceremony last night, Hannover received a prize money of 25.000 Euro donated by the Vibrant Cities Foundation. The small city of Ratekau, located at the Baltic Sea and first in the size category of cities of 10.000-30.000 inhabitants finished second in the overall ranking, followed by the city of Münster. At the award ceremony in Cologne, a further eleven municipalities were honoured for their exceptional commitment to the preservation of biodiversity. Special prizes in the categories "Nature in the City" and "Environmental Justice" were given to Leipzig and Marburg respectively.

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