January 11, 2012: LIFE-project finished, but European Capitals of Biodiversity will continue

After three very busy and exciting years, the LIFE-funded project has now officially come to a close. Local biodiversity protection has received a lot of urgently needed attention across Europe: over 500 municipalities across Europe have had a close look into their biodiversity performance and have thus demonstrated their commitment to do their part in halting biodiversity loss in Europe. Over 1,500 local practitioners have participated at one or more of the numerous workshops and are now equipped with the knowledge to better implement biodiversity issues into their daily work and ongoing planning processes. Nine Capitals have been awarded and ever since have been busy sharing their experiences with other local authorities in their region, country, and also internationally.

Yet the “European Capitals of Biodiversity” are not finished yet. New competitions in France, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and Spain are anticipated in the next few years. Other countries are warmly invited and encouraged to get on board this initiative and start their own competitions. Contact us – we can help with logistics, material and experiences!