Most of the material available for download on this page is in English. The final project brochure of the project is also available in French, German, Hungarian, Slovak and Spanish.

For the national competition material (questionnaires, information brochures, etc.) please go to the national websites: click on the flags in the left menu and follow the links to the national competition pages.

An English version of the questionnaires is only available as a draft version which was used in all countries to develop a country-specific questionnaire. The questionnaire contents in the five countries coincide to a certain degree, but there are significant differences. If you are interested in the English draft version of the questionnaire, please contact us.

The final brochure of the project

The final brochure of the project is available here in English, German, French, Spanish, Hungarian and Slovak, includin:

  • A foreword from Dr. Ahmed Djoghlaf, executive secretary of the CBD
  • A detailed description of all nine national Capitals of Biodiversity from the 2010 and 2011 competitions
  • 30 best-practice projects from the five competition countries.
  • Background information about the project



English version

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Layman's reports

Our reporting to the EU included short reports on the proceedings and outcomes of the project in all project languages. All Layman’s reports can be dowloaded below.

Final Technical Report to the European Commission

Here you can download the final technical report that was submitted to the LIFE-Unit of the European Commission after completion of the project.

Project flyer


The flyer edited in the beginning of the project (2009) outlining the aims and strategies of the project.

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Training on local biodiversity protection

Within the project, training workshops on local action for biodiversity protection were implemented in the five competition countries. Comprehensive concepts for these workshops were compiled and used for preparing the workshops. In 2011 - after the two competition rounds had been competed - the concepts were revised and updated with best-practice projects drwn from the competitions. The revised workshop modules are available below (English).

For workshop material of the cnational competition countries, please go to the national competition pages (click flag on the left).


Background information: Legal framework for biodiversity protection


Workshop Module 1: Introduction to biodiversity


Workshop Module 2: Biodiversity in municipal planning


Workshop Module 3: Climate change and biodiversity


Workshop Module 4: Communicating biodiversity


Workshop Module 5: Fundraising for biodiversity

Monitoring of urban biodiversity

A preliminary and slightly altered version of the City Biodiversity Index (also known as the "Singapore Index") was used in the monitoring chapters of the questionnaires. Please go to the national competition pages (click flag on the left) and refer to the respective competition material to find out more about which indicators were used in the respective countries and the competition rounds etc. 


List of indicators which are used in the questionnaires of the competitions.

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Guidelines to the indicators

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