Hungarian Capital of Biodiversity

Participating municipalities 2010; click for larger view

The "Hungarian Capital of Biodiversity" competition in 2010 was lauched in Siófok on January 20, 2010 during a press conference, which was organised by LBDCA together with the Ministry of Environment and Water.

Between March and May 2010 LBDCA organized 5 one-day capacity building workshops for the staff and experts of municipalities at different parts of Hungary (Csopak, Győr, Kecskemét, Pécs, Miskolc) with regard to this project. During the workshops the participants could listen to presentations about the introduction of biodiversity, Convention on Biodiversity, relation between climate change and biodiversity, Municipal planning, Communication, Fundrising and “Hungarian Capital of Biodiversity Competition”. We invited speakers from the following organizations: CBD National Focal Point (Ministry of Environment and Water, Biodiversity Department), International Advisory Board member, Local practitioners (civil organizations, municipalities, National Park Directorates) and LBDCA. More than 100 municipalities participated at the workshops. Finally 43 municipalities filled-out the questionnaires and joint to the competition.

In the questionnaire 100 points were the maximum, which could be received by the municipalities. 80 points were given for simple questions, while 20 points were given to the detailed introduction of projects. According to the points of the questionnaires LBDCA and National AB have chosen the first three municipalities within the five size categories, the Hungarian Capital of Biodiversity and the municipality with the best municipal projects enhancing nature in the city.

LBDCA organized the Award Ceremony on 15th September 2010 in Budapest together with the Ministry of Rural Development. The State Secretary of Environment and Nature Protection (Dr. András Rácz) and Managing Director of LBDCA (Dr. Gábor Molnár) gave awards to the winners. All municipalities received a certificate; while the first three municipalities within the five size categories received a special objective award. The Hungarian capital of Biodiversity - city of Tata, received a general advertisement opportunity on the following (very popular) website: and the city of Dévaványa received an extra award for the best municipal projects enhancing nature in the city (designing a Destour-Pro Environment touristic website).

Categories and winners
Above 100,000 inhabitants
Miskolc (1.), Kecskemét (2.), Debrecen (3.)

Between 30.000 – 100.000 inhabitants
Hódmezővásárhely (1.), Veszprém (2.), Hajdúböszörmény (3.)

Between 10,000 – 30.000 inhabitants
Tata (1.), Balatonfüred (2.), Siófok (3.)

Between 2000 - 10,000 inhabitants
Dévaványa (1.), Hévíz (2.), Csopak (3.)

Below  2,000 inhabitants
Kunsziget (1.), Gyűrűfű ökofalu (2.), Alsómocsolád (3.)

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