Slovak Capital of Biodiversity 2011

Participating municipalities in 2011; click for a larger view

In January 2011, REC Slovakia has officially announced the second year of the competition: „The Capital of Biodiversity” on January 28, 2011 in Bratislava and it was associated with the press conference. Representative of Slovak Ministry of Environment, The Association of Towns and Municipalities and The Union of Slovak Towns attended also.

In the year 2011, not only the towns but also villages could involve in the competition "The Capitals of biodiversity 2011". Therefore the size of categories were adapted. This year towns and villages could compete in four size categories according to population (less than 1,000 inhabitants, from 1,001 to 10,000 inhabitants, 10,001 to 50,000 inhabitants, over 50,000 inhabitants). The competition took place in two rounds.

The timetable of Slovak competition in 2011:

  • 28th January 2011 – an official announcement of competition (publication and distribution of detailed conditions and questionnaire for competition);
  • 22nd February 2011 – 1st workshop, presentation of the competition questionnaire for the year 2011;
  • 31st March 2011 – closing date for 1st round of questionnaires;
  • May 2011 – 2nd workshop;
  • 30th May 2011 – closing date for 2nd round of questionnaires;
  • June 2011 – evaluation of completed questionnaires by the National Advisory Committee;
  • August 2011 – annoucement results of the evaluation;
  • September 2011 – declaration of winners of four size categories, the holder of prizes for the best project and the holder of the title "Capital of Biodiversity"; and
  • Oktober 2011 – meeting and presentation of the winners of national competitions in Brussels.

The deadline of 1st round of competition was on March 31, 2011. Because until the end of March we had only several questionaires, we decided to prolong the deadline till April 15, 2011. On April 15, 2011 we have collected 25 completed questionnaires. The second round of questionaires could complete only by those municipalities, which had posted us the first round of questionaires. Three of the participating municipalities decided not to continue in the second round of the competition.

After receiving teh questionnaires of second round the National advisory committee composed of 10 members evaluated the projects on the themes:

  • Sustainable management and landscape  planning;
  • Communication and education on the management for the environment; and
  • Biodiversity and Climate Change.

The Award Ceremony 2011; click for a larger view

Then according to the points of the questionaires we have chosen the first three municipalities in each category, the Slovak Capital of Biodiversity and the city with the best project enhancing nature in the city.

The absolute Award, the Capital of Biodiversity 2011 received a small town Kremnica with 5,337 inhabitants. The prize „Best Project“ received the small village Zábiedovo with 822 inhabitants.


Table with the winners of all categories:
< 1000 inh. 1,001-10,000 inh. 10,001-50,000 inh. > 50 000 inh.
1: Zábiedovo 1: Kremnica 1: Michalovce 1: Nitra
2: Čierne Pole 2: Vysoké Tatry 2: Zvolen 2: Trnava
3: Hiadeľ 3: Rybník 3: Lučenec 3: Banská Bystrica


Click here for a complete list of participating municipalities in Slovakia 2011