Slovak Capital of Biodiversity 2010

Participating municipalities 2010; click for larger view

In January 2010, REC Slovakia officially announced the first year of the competition: „The Capital of Biodiversity”. By the end of May 2010, we had collected 20 completed questionnaires and the hard work of their evaluation could start. Only cities could join during the first year of the competitions, and we reached almost 15 % of the Slovak cities. Even though the Slovak competition had less participating cities than the other countries, we covered almost 20 % of the Slovak population due to participation of big and middle sized cities.

The first annual is behind us and we already have started preparation for next year with some general changes. This time, we will give a chance to join the competition to all Slovak municipalities (approx. 2880) and we would like to come up also with some others topics in the questionnaire which relate to biodiversity. But this will be announced in January 2011.

The 1st award “Capital of Biodiversity” went to the small Slovak town Želiezovce, which has some more than 7500 inhabitants. The September 09, 2010 – the magic date “0909” when the first awarding ceremony was held – it became a lucky number for Želiezovce because besides the overall title they won the size category up to 10000 inhabitants and the Award for the best biodiversity project, which was the frosting on the cake.

The National Advisory Board acknowledged that the decision on who should become the absolute winner was very difficult because there were more than one hot candidate. The scoring in the questionnaires were very close especially among all three winners in the three size categories. The award in the category from 10001 to 50000 inhabitants went to the city of Michalovce in the eastern part of Slovakia and the winner in the category over 50000 inhabitants became the city of Nitra. But as was emphasized during the award ceremony: for us, every city which does small or big steps towards biodiversity protection on their territory is a winner. Therefore our big thanks belongs to all 20 participating cities.

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