Capital of Biodiversity in other countries

So far, the competitions to find the “Capitals of Biodiversity” are carried out in five different European countries. This is a good number to start with to ensure a smooth transfer of experiences from the project coordinator (DUH), who has implemented municipal competitions in Germany for many years, to the project partners.
However, in the course of the project and in a potential follow-up project we would like to have more partner organisations to implement the same competitions in further European countries.
A potential partner organisation (or a team of organisations from the same country) should be familiar with the situation of municipalities regarding environmental protection, should have good contacts to municipalities and have some expertise in the field of biodiversity.
If you are interested to organise such a competition in your country, or know a possible organiser, we would love to hear from you!

Contact Person: Ms Silke Wissel (German Environmental Aid - DUH)
Phone: +49 7732 9995 65

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